Eco-efficient CEM II cement

The cement industry is committed to playing its part in securing a sustainable future for all. In Ireland the industry has revolutionised cement production over the past decade with the introduction of eco-efficient CEM II cement.

CEM II cements the latest generation cements, produced in modern plants, maintaining the same performance but with a lower carbon impact and requiring less energy to produce than traditional Portland cement.

The industry is addressing and meeting its climate change commitments with these eco-efficient cements. CEM II cements are manufactured locally in Ireland but with a lower carbon footprint. They allow specifiers and contractors to design and construct sustainable projects in Ireland safe in the knowledge that they are making the most sustainable choice.

CEM II is produced to a European Standard and in Ireland CEM II represents the most sustainable cement available. Over the past few years CMI members have promoted the use of these eco-efficient CEM II cements. Now more than 80% of the cement used in Ireland is CEM II.